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Paul’s affinity for taking literal and emotional journeys has a history as rich as the landscapes that inspire them.

He reaches people by drawing on every aspect of it:

A passion for adventure Sparked by a game-changing year in Argentina in 1990 and gathering speed ever since to become NewZeal, where he leads an awesome team taking corporate and private individuals on bucket-list travels through remote environments.

Learning from years of listening to young people This kicked off majorly with OPC (Outdoor Pursuits Course) and Mt Hutt College, where Paul lived alongside and mentored bunches of teens for a year at a time. He taught them rock climbing and kayaking in daylight hours and the gamut of self-management in the evenings. From here, he went on to build his own Full On Personal Development Programmes, motivating 250K+ students and teachers worldwide with morale-boosting messages of empowerment and self-belief.

Experience of running his own businesses that allows him to relate to the issues faced by managers and the value of establishing a strong company culture.

A love for the South Island wilderness and the thrilling activities he hosts– from hiking on the Tasman Glacier to pack-rafting on the Clutha River and chin-wagging over freshly-caught fish under the stars.

A personal vulnerability he’s happy to share Pauls believe in humility, authenticity and in being totally upfront.

A bull-headed determination for us all to give life our very best shot.

Adventure Philosophy

‘Adventure Philosophy is my way of relating the lessons of challenging outdoor pursuits to the bold undertakings each of us takes in our everyday lives.

Pushing past, ‘I can’t do that’. Digging deep. Keeping focus. Waking up to the strong stuff we’re made of that helps us to smash our goals.

Transformation in business and on a personal level is built on self-belief and a smidgeon of courage. If you can get to a place where you’re willing to embrace uncertainty and meet difficulty with resilience, that’s when your horizons start to expand.

I witness these life skills blossoming when folk challenge themselves on activity-packed experiences in the breathtaking landscapes of the South Island.

Then I get excited all over again extracting this learning to share more broadly. Adventure is life and life’s an adventure. Let’s get to it!’




Adventure Philosophy
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