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Team Inspiration sessions that make a measurable impact

Paul draws on a wealth of experience to work with teams of executives towards
agreed outcomes, in short formats of 90 minutes, or over the course of a half or
full day.

He invites each group first to break the ice, then to engage in exercises,
discussions and activities based around a topic, with the aim to challenge
understanding and relate this back to business and life.

Dynamic and effective, these Power Up sessions are designed to bond the
members of the group with each other as well as to help each to grow as an

Paul follows a successful structure, customized to each team’s profile according to
mutually agreed objectives.

Whether the aim’s to galvanise a team’s collaborative skills or prioritize action
planning, insight and self-awareness result, to be implemented meaningfully at
work and at home.

They’re fun and upbeat, because the true gold is when the team feels pumped
about the journey.

Interactive | Dynamic | Lively | Highly motivational | Meaningful | Memorable | Fun | Transformative | Powerful | Challenging | Stimulating | Invigorating 

Paul’s Team Inspiration Formats

Power Up session
(Half Day)


Group introductions; Adventure Philosophy intro; Topic-based exercises, discussions and activities; Inspirational Challenge choose between Board Break/ Arrow Break / Glass walk, take home booklet

Power Up session

(Full Day)


Expanded half day session, covering all areas in more depth.

Suitable for companies serious about wanting change via sessions that are
hands on, relevant, useable and impactful:

  • Smaller groups of 20-40 (availability up to 80) from owner-operated businesses, where Paul organises the structure for desired outcomes, then gives guidance for implementation and story and vision sharing after the course


  • Larger groups of 50-80 from multiple office corporates converging to bond and create a common language across personal, team and leadership development concepts

To receive a personalised quote and check availability, please ‘Book Paul’



Marriotts Chartered Accountants

“The fun had by our team and the “buzz” that the weekend has created back in our office is a credit to the entire crew. I would not hesitate to recommend them”.

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