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Youth Leadership workshops that leave a lasting impression

Paul delivers transformative Youth Leadership workshops for schools that lay
firm foundations for NCEA-focussed senior school leadership teams to thrive.

They’ve evolved from successful programmes Paul has led internationally and
across both North and South Islands with Full On NZ Ltd, proven scientifically by
the University of Canterbury to enhance a student’s perception of their passion,
perseverance and overall ’grit’.

Packed into half and full days, the workshops are highly experiential, yet
classroom or school grounds based for convenience. A host of interactive
activities help frame coping strategies while increasing each individual’s
self-confidence and resilience.

Intentional outcomes shape course content, which is supported by take-home
materials to create a legacy that outlives the learning experience.

Paul ’s impressive track record empowering more than 250K students and
teachers from North America shines through in the high energy and big laughs
characteristic of all his Youth Leadership work.

Fun | Thrilling | Challenging | Thought-provoking | Exciting | Bonding | Empowering | Nurturing | Galvanising | Thought-provoking

Paul’s Youth Leadership Formats

Growth Mindset Workshop
(Half/ Full Day)


Geared towards helping participants make their goals a reality, featuring: Goal identification; Giving 100%; What it really means to give something 100%; Ownership, Choice and Personal Responsibility; Thoughts, focus, attention and ‘solution focused thinking’; Perspective and how to reframe negative experience, set backs and adversity; Moving from failure to feedback and learning from mistakes.

Development Workshop

(Half/ Full Day)

Geared towards helping school leaders, leadership teams and aspiring leaders define and articulate their personal philosophy on leadership and how it relates to their daily school life and responsibilities, featuring: what it means to be an effective communicator; State management and self management; Influence – by and on others; Courage and doing the “right” thing

Leadership Keynote Speaking
(30-45 mins/ 60-90 mins)


Brings highlights of both Workshops tailored to requirement to a larger audience of 200+, such as a School Leadership Conference; features a board break (or similar) demo, with the option for individual or group participation.

Suitable for groups of 10-100 (30-60 optimal) from yr 8- yr 13 + 1st/2nd year university students, both co-ed and single sex. Paul translates stories from personal experience to successful age-appropriate strategies for personal and leadership development, self-management and personal responsibility


To receive a personalised quote and check availability, please ‘Book Paul’



Samuel Marsden Collegiate

“I found the day so inspirational and life changing and relevant to what is happening in my live at the moment. It was one of the best days of my life and I use your wisdom the whole time, for example if someone thinks they are going to fail a test we tell them to have a talk to their RAS.

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